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HIK 80FD - NGS w/ Ford Starter Kit with latest software release


Factory Access Has It's Privileges

The NGS is the heart of a new system that gives automotive technicians the power, speed and versatility of a personal computer for servicing vehicles. Because of its hand-held design, the NGS can be used like a scan tool. But that's where the similarity ends!

NGS is the first tool to meet OBD II requirements, and will be OBD II certifiable for use in future emissions testing with all vehicle makes. The NGS is a hand-held scan tool with a data stream recorder, signal/sensor simulator and built-in DVOM. Think of it as a personal diagnostic computer for powertrain and non-powertrain diagnostics. Find the cause and effect of intermittents using the record function to track data stream signals in real time. The NGS is the only hand held tool that graphs and displays these recordings.



  • Performs the functions of a standard scan tool.
  • OBD II compatible.
  • Full function Digital Volt-Ohmmeter (DVOM): volts, ohms, frequency, pulse width and duty cycle.
  • Downloads information to peripheral equipment (i.e. analyzers, modems, printers).
  • Records and displays signals numerically or graphically.
  • Signal/Sensor Simulator.
  • On Road Testing.
  • Built-in diagnostics and pinpoint testing.

The NGS tester comes with the control unit, diagnostic card V18, service card V8 and updated NGS user training manual.

NGS Accessories:

Ford Starter Kit No. HIK 80FH


Use the Ford Starter Kit to adapt NGS to Ford EEC-IV, EEC-V and Ford/Mazda vehicles. The kit comes with a Ford ROM Card, Ford Self-Test/DCL Cable, Mazda Adapter Cable, DDL Cable and Ford Instruction Manual. Covers model years '84 thru '2001.


Mazda Starter Kit No. HIK 80MA


Use the Mazda Starter Kit to adapter NGS to Mazda and Mazda/Ford vehicles. The kit contains a Mazda ROM Card, Mazda Adapter Cable, Ford Self-Test/DCL Cable and Mazda Instruction Manual. Covers model years '88-2001.


Ford ROM Card No. HIK 80F


Ford software covers Powertrain, ABS, IVSC and computer-controlled suspension applications. Covers model years '84 through 2001.


Mazda ROM Card No. HIK 80M


Mazda software covers engine, transmission and ABS applications. Covers model years '88 through '98.


Ford Self Test/DCL Cable No. HIK 800B


For use with Ford EEC-IV system vehicles model years '84 to '95.


Mazda Adapter Cable No. HIK 800L


Use the Mazda Adapter Cable to adapt the ford Self-Test/DCL Cable to Ford/Mazda engine, transmission and ABS control systems model years '88 to 2001.


Ford DDL Cable No. HIK 800E


For use with Ford/Nissan Villager.


OBD II Cable No. HIK 800N


For use on OBD II applications.


Flex Probe Kit No. HIK 800M


This kit includes all the test probe tips you'll ever need for Ford and Mazda vehicles. Exact mating male and female flexible tips are designed for probing wires and connectors. The unique design of these flex probes lets them bend so you can easily reach out of the way connections without damaging wires or components. For use with NGS and most standard DVOMs.


NGS Printer Cable No. HIK 800H


Use this cable to print information from NGS to most standard RS232 compatible printers.


Automotive Printer No. HIK 8050


This portable 12-volt printer prints test data and graphs generated by FIRST and NGS. The printer supplies important information to you and the customer.

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