Pps Sun Gun Ii Battery Pack

Pps Sun Gun Ii Battery Pack

Code: 3M-16555

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Product Details

• Used with PPS™ Sun Gun™ II Color Matching Light Kit (#16550)
• Not compatible with earlier versions of PPS™ SUN GUN™ (#16400)
• PPS™ SUN GUN II features new NiMH battery chemistry for longer run time between charging cycles, improving cycle charge time with new battery
• Helps painter assess & select paint that best represents the actual color of the vehicle being repaired
• Assists painter in determining what is necessary to correct the mismatch, leading them closer to the correct match
• Helps identify paint defects that can be corrected in shop environment without having to pull car outside to examine
• Assists in confirming there are no defects before delivering vehicle
• Helps avoid costly re-work & re-do's
• Helps clearly evaluate & validate damaged areas of car prior to beginning the repair process
• Makes it easier to see common defects such as pin-holes, solvent-pop, and sand-scratches, prior to applying primer/basecoat
• This dramatically reduces potential for re-work, re-dos, or comebacks