1.4mm Atomizing Heads

1.4mm Atomizing Heads

Code: 3M-16612

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Product Details

• 3M™ Accuspray™ System works perfectly with the 3M™ Paint Protection System™, or PPS™
• 3M™ Paint Preparation System, an innovative system for mixing and spraying both solvent based and waterborne materials
• The system lets painters mix less paint, drastically reduce their solvent use, and spend less time cleaning spray guns
• All told, this can improve operator efficiency by as much as 15%
• With PPS™, paint can be mixed and sprayed out of the same 3M™ PPS™ cup and liner set
• It's a cleaner, faster system that safe from outside contamination
• Another advantage of this closed system is that it enables a painter’s spray gun to function at any angle, even upside down
• The liner, lid and built-in filter are all disposable, leaving only the adapter and spray gun to be cleaned
• The 3M™ PPS™ system is therefore a cleaner, faster system, safe from outside contamination and offers considerable time and solvent savings in regards to gun cleaning