Nitrocat Mini 1/2in Impact Wrench - 700 ft./lbs.

Nitrocat Mini 1/2in Impact Wrench - 700 ft./lbs.

Code: ACA-1375XL

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Product Details

AIRCAT's NitroCat 1375-XL is a great, lightweight "mini" 1/2 in. impact wrench with a no-nonsense, hard-hitting Twin Hammer impact mechanism. Delivering up to 900 ft-lbs. of bolt busting loosening torque, the 1375-XL's Twin Hammer mechanism consists of 2 hammers in a closed cage which rotate around the anvil, allowing for both hammers to hit at the same time for maximum performance.Lightweight in design and construction, the 1375-XL is the ideal impact wrench for industrial and all-around automotive applications. Designed with a low number of individual parts, AIRCAT's 1375-XL NitroCat is easy to service and maintain, providing years of dependable service.
• Hard hitting Twin Hammer mechanism creates high impact torque for maximum performance
• Durable and lightweight composite housing with ergonomically designed handle for added control and comfort
• Patented through-handle exhaust system keeps debris away from the operator's face
• Up to 900 ft-lbs. of loosening torque (100 - 550 ft-lbs. working torque)
• Up to 1,750 BPM and 10,000 RPM to make quick work of tough applications
• Easy operation flip lever for quick forward and reverse function selection
• Suitable for heavy-duty applications (frame work, medium to heavy-duty trucks)
• NitroCat 1/2 in. Mini Xtreme Torque Composite Air Impact Wrench - 1375-XL