4pc Torque Socket Set-Cars,Vans, Lt Truck: Yellow, Blue, Gray, Brown

AQT-10-0315 is Discontinued

Code: AQT-10-0315

Product Details

The Right Torque Every Time! A few Good reasons why the OEMs chose the Original AccuTorq…

Swedish Spring Steel.
The BEST raw materials, specially heat-treated, make AccuTorq the most accurate torque socket in the world.

Patented Strobe Marks.

Patented AccuTorq "strobe marks" stop turning at precisely the correct torque EVERY time. There is NO "guess" work and no recalibration.

Solid One-piece.
Solid one-piece construction of AccuTorq automotive and commercial truck sockets eliminates the wide torque variance unavoidable with socket extensions and adaptors.

DEEP-well Sockets.

AccuTorq provides DEEP-well sockets for those special applications where regular socket depth is just not enough to get the job done.

AccuTorq's ultrasonic inspection of EACH socket and it's ISO 900a Quality Certification of manufacturing processes make it possible for each AccuTorq socket to come with a LIFETIME guarantee.

Kit Includes:

  • Gray— 19mm - 3/4" - 100 ft. lb.
  • Brown— 13/16" - 100 ft. lb.
  • Blue — 19mm - 3/4" - 65 ft. lb.
  • Yellow — 21mm - 80 ft. lb.