Code Scout 2500 Bilingual OBD-I and OBD-II Code Reader

Code Scout 2500 Bilingual OBD-I and OBD-II Code Reader

Product Code: AXR-AX2500

Regular Price: $256.80

Sale Price: $171.20

Shipping Weight: 3.50 pounds

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Autoxray CodeScout Bilingual OBD-I & OBD-II Code Reader

No. AXR-AX2500

Autoxray CodeScout Bilingual OBD-I & OBD-II Code Reader

Autoxray CodeScout Bilingual OBD-I & OBD-II Code Reader

The AutoXray CodeScout 2500 (Part #AX2500) provides access to the trouble codes that trigger check engine lights. Determine if your vehicle is ready for an emissions
test. Use the tool's internal library of code definitions to look-up previous or current DTCs in English or Spanish. The CodeScout 2500 Advanced Code Reader is the most
user-friendly, cost-efficient, and portable OBD-I & OBD-II Code Reader available.
  • OBD-I & OBD-II CodeReader
  • Software updateable via Internet(software sold separately)
  • Retain the most recently scanned vehicle’s data & configuration
  • OBD-II Code library built in the tool
  • Review Vehicle Scan History (OBD-II Codes)
  • Dual language tool: English & Spanish language option
  • Export data to a PC (software sold separately)
  • Battery powered for review of data off vehicle (batteries included)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Support adjustable display contrast
  • Display software version, hardware version, serial no. & product model when
    powered on
  • Supports multiple trouble code requests: current codes, pending codes, &
    freeze codes (initial code that triggered Check Engine Light” to come on)
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Vehicle Coverage:
  • GM ‘82 - Current Year (12 & 16 pin ALDL & OBD-II)
  • Ford ’83 - Current Year (EEC IV & OBD-II)
  • Chrysler ’83 - Current Year (SCI & OBD-II)
  • Jeep ’91- Current Year (SCI & OBD-II)
  • Toyota ’96 - Current Year (OBD-II)
  • Honda ’96 - Current Year (OBD-II)
  • Nissan ’96 - Current Year (OBD-II)
  • All other Asian & European ’96 - Current Year (OBD-II)
Hardware Specifications:
  • Multi-line text & graphic display
  • Flash Updateable Applications
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Durable Spill Proof Membrane Keypad
  • Detachable cable
  • Battery powered
  • Data Save
  • Auto Off
  • CodeScout 2500
  • Removable Rubber Boot for tool for
    additional surface grip
  • CD with Code Descriptions
  • Manual
  • Registration card
  • OBD-II cable
  • GM OBD-I ALDL Cable
  • Ford OBD-I EEC-IV Cable
  • Chrysler OBD-I SCI Cable
  • Soft carrying case
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