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Clayton Low Profile Truck Brake Washer

    Clayton Low Profile Truck Brake Washer

    Product Code: CLY-BCE-400

    Price: $1,095.00

    Shipping Weight: 110.00 pounds

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    Low Profile Truck Brake Washer

    No. CLY-BCE-400

    Low Profile Truck Brake Washer

    Heavy Duty Low Profile Truck Brake Washer


    Designed for heavy-duty trucks, buses and off road equipment This Truck Brake Washer is engineered to clean the brakes on heavy duty vehicles the way technicians really work on these vehicles B on the floor!

    Total height of the Truck Brake Washer is a ground hugging 11 inches, so it will roll under truck axles for cleaning brakes with the wheels in place.

    Standard automotive brake washers are too high and generally too small to capture the run-off from a truck's large brake assemblies. The Clayton Truck Brake Washer solves this problem with its low profile, large basin. A drain board allows the technician to catch all the drained solution without making a mess on the shop floor.

    Technicians will appreciate the ease of maneuverability made possible by the Truck Brake Washer's easy rolling 4-inch. industrial casters. It won't hang up on wires and hoses on the floor or get caught in drain grates or floor imperfections.

    • The foldaway handle makes moving the unit from job to job a snap; then it folds completely out of the way for brake cleaning.
    • Quick-disconnect fittings are "no-squirt" positive shut off type, which makes switching tools safe and easy.
    • The Injector Nozzle lets the technician saturate the brakes with cleaning solution before removing the drum. This eliminates airborne brake dust. The Flo-Thru Brush's long bristles, which allows technicians to thoroughly loosen and scrub dirt away. The brush tip dispenses a high flow of low pressure cleaning solution.
    • Using Clayton's new formula T-N-T PLUSJ Cleaner/Degreaser, the old problem of cutting grease and oil deposits is quickly washed away. At the recommended dilution of 6 quarts of T-N-T PLUSJ Cleaner/Degreaser to 5 gallons of water, this outstanding, biodegradable cleaner is a superior solvent better than mineral spirits.
    • The Truck Brake Washer features a one-year warranty and the proven reliability of the Clayton Brake Washing equipment line.
    • The Truck Brake Washer is shipped fully assembled. No wasted shop time putting the washer together.

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