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HBF-TP9350 is Discontinued

HBF-TP9350 is Discontinued

Product Code: HBF-TP9350


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COBRA Multi-Purpose Borescope UV/White LEDs

No. HBF-TP9350

COBRA Multi-Purpose Borescope UV/White LEDs

The Only Multi-Purpose Borescope with UV and White Light LEDs
    • Versatile - Unique, dual-wavelength design offers the convenience of using the
      COBRA borescope for fluorescent leak detection and to detect surface flaws, as well as for regular component inspection.
    • Time Saving - Featuring an “obedient,” omni-directional cable, the COBRA borescope offers exceptional maneuverability. It can easily snake its way past bends or obstructions to allow access to hard-to-reach areas, without time-consuming removal or disassembly of parts. Ideal for use in areas inaccessible to normal visual inspection.
    • Accurate - Powerful UV and white light LEDs illuminate the “suspect” area for a
      crystal-clear view of leaks, component damage, contaminants, debris or other problems.
    • Portable - The cordless COBRA borescope is compact and lightweight, providing ultimate freedom of movement during inspections.
    • Clip-on mirror - Special 45° inspection mirror provides added capability to detect leaks or flaws normally hidden from view.
    • Fluorescence-enhancing glasses - Makes even the smallest leaks easy to see by dramatically improving fluorescence of leak detection dyes.
    • UV LED for fluorescent leak detection and detecting surface flaws plus bright white LED for component inspection
    • Superior 7400 pixel imaging bundle and adjustable-focus eye piece allow crystal clear viewing
    • 24in. flexible, No-Droop shaft maintains its position in tight quarters


  • Cable length: 24in. (61 cm)
  • Cable diameter: 10 mm
  • Tip diameter: 0.4in. (1.0 cm) nominal
  • Viewing angle: 50°
  • Resolution: 7,400 pixels
  • Focal viewing field: 0.4in. (1.0 cm) to infinity
  • Housing material: Nylon
  • Bending radius: 3in. (7.6 cm) minimum

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