Car Dolly (pair)

Car Dolly (pair)

Code: OTC-1572

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Product Details

Car Dolly (pair)

No. OTC-1572

Car Dolly (pair)

Car Dolly (pair)
  • Innovative patent-pending design – clamps directly to pinch welds to prevent
    slippage during use.
  • Independent units eliminate the need to adjust dolly width for different vehicle
  • Each unit has an independently adjustable threaded lift saddle with rubber pads to
    protect the vehicle frame.
  • Universal design for use on all vehicle types without additional adapters.
  • Provides easy movement of an FWD vehicle after removal of the drive train.
  • 5in. polypropylene casters.
  • Each unit has a capacity of 1800 lbs. (3600 lbs., pair) with a low height of 9in. and a
    high of 14in..
  • May be used with or without tires on the vehicle.

Warranty: Lifetime