Tire Pressure Reset Tool for Nissan

OTC-3831 is Discontinued

Code: OTC-3831

Product Details

Tire Pressure Reset Tool for Nissan

No. OTC-3831

Tire Pressure Reset Tool for Nissan

This tool is designed to extinguish the Tire Pressure Warning Light on Nissan 03-05 and some 06 and 07 Nissan vehicles with TPM Reset Connector.

  • The connector end of the cable mates to the vehicle connector found behind the DLC connector under the dash.
  • The alligator clip is clipped onto the metal bracket that holds the DLC connector.
  • Once connected and the ignition is turned on, the tool trigger is pressed 5 times within 10 seconds causing the warning light to start flashing.
  • With the tool disconnected, the vehicle can be started and driven over 30 mph until the light stops flashing, which completes the procedure.

Warranty: 3-Year