5Pc Ford Fan Clutch Wrench Set

OTC-4585 is Discontinued

Code: OTC-4585

Product Details

CONTAINS 5 OF The Most Popular Wrenches In Storage Case


  • Set contains five of the most popular wrenches used to service water pumps
    and fan clutches, and other components on the front of Ford engines.
  • Set contains three holding tools and two turning tools. Use with a 1/2"
    breaker bar or ratchet.

Note: Wrench Nos. 4585-2, 4585-3, and 4585-5 are used to hold the water pump; wrench Nos. 4585-1 and 4585-4 are used to turn the fan clutch.
1. Select the wrench that most closely fits the water pump, and attach it to a 1/2" breaker bar or ratchet.
2. Select the wrench that most closely fits the O.D. of the fan clutch nut.
3. Hold the water pump, and turn the fan clutch nut to remove or install the fan clutch.

Note: Some Ford vehicles have left-hand threads on the fan clutch. Refer to each vehicle service manual for the correct thread specifications.

Kit Includes:
  • 4585-1 – 48 mm (1-7/8") turning wrench.
  • 4585-2 – 83 mm (3-1/4") holding wrench.
  • 4585-3 – 72 mm (2-13/16") & 54 mm (2-1/8") holding wrench.
  • 4585-4 – 40 mm (1-1/2") turning wrench.
  • 4585-5 – 76 mm (3") & 68 mm (2-11/16") holding wrench.