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Cummins Diesel Injector Timing Tool Set

    Cummins Diesel Injector Timing Tool Set

    Product Code: OTC-7470

    Regular Price: $1,110.66

    Sale Price: $646.86

    Shipping Weight: 15.00 pounds

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    Cummins Diesel Injector Timing Kit

    No. OTC-7470

    Cummins Diesel Injector Timing Kitl


    • Measures static timing on Cummins J, K, N, NH, V-12, N-14,and L-10 series diesel engines.
    • With this tool you can determine the injector push tube travel in relation to piston travel.
    • Tool is installed with one dial indicator in the injector bore and the other on the injector push tube.
    • Turn the engine over manually to find top dead center.
    • By checking the gauges, you can determine if timing is within factory specifications, then make adjustments to the cam followers.


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