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16in. 3-Speed Portable Evaporative Unit 1/2HP w/Filler Cart

    16in. 3-Speed Portable Evaporative Unit 1/2HP w/Filler Cart

    Product Code: PAC-PAC2K163SFC

    Regular Price: $1,762.91

    Sale Price: $1,246.76

    Shipping Weight: 155.00 pounds

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    16in. 3-Speed Portable Evaporative Unit 1/2HP w/Filler Cart


    The PAC2K48HZ is designed for use when air conditioning is cost prohibitive, impractical, or unavailable. Effectively cools certain types of equipment such as generators and compressors. Operates by connecting to 115V power supply and water. As ambient air is pulled through the water-soaked Kuul® pads, cold air is released through the fan. Water can be supplied by garden-type water hose. Fans feature one-piece polyethylene plastic housing and high-tech polymer venturi with quieter-running, non-corrosive fan blades. High efficiency rigid evaporative media. Great for manufacturing plants, mechanics' garages, military bases, and gymnasiums. Provides effective spot cooling in horse stables, dog kennels, and a variety of other locations.


    • Lowers ambient temperatures an average of 18 degrees
    • Environmentally Friendly - Units produce no fluorocarbons like traditional air conditioning or vapor compression systems. Using Port A Cool units instead of vapor-compression systems also helps reduce global CO2, CFC, & other greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Energy Efficient - Evaporative cooling systems used worldwide save some 60 million barrels of oil annually & 27 billion pounds of annual CO2 emissions in lieu of vapor compression air conditioning systems.
    • Good for Indoor Air Quality - With superior fluting & manufacturing in Kuul® pads media, impurities are filtered out, producing cooler, cleaner indoor air.
    • Easily Integrated - Port A Cool units can be configured to become an energy efficient addition to an existing system.
    • Inexpensive to Operate - Because energy consumption is so much less than traditional air conditioning, energy management is also more efficient.
    • Made in the USA


    Propeller Diameter (In.): 16
    Drive Type: Direct
    No. of Speeds: 3
    Air Delivery (CFM): 2500/3280/3900
    Water Capacity (Gal.): 22

    Fan Motor: 1/2HP
    Volts AC: 110
    Operating Amps: 5.1
    Dimensions (In.): 59h x 37.5w x 22d
    Weight: 155.0 lbs

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