Allison Series 1000 Fitting Kit (3 Piece)

SOL-FIT413 is Discontinued

Code: SOL-FIT413

Product Details

Allison Transmission Special T-TECH Fitting

No. SOL-FIT413

Allison Transmission Special T-TECH Fitting

For use on GM vehicles that utilize the Series 1000 Allison transmission. The
FIT413 has a unique, rugged design that makes hooking up to the transmissions
fast and problem-free. The kit is equipped with dry break couplers on both the
male and female fitting. Simply connect the T-Tech service hoses and you are
ready to start the exchange.

  • If, for any reason, you are required to remove the E-Clip for maintenance or repair, always replace it with a new E-Clip upon service completion – never reuse the E-Clip.