Recycling Baler TC-710

Recycling Baler TC-710

Code: TSI-TC-710

$15,309.00 $10,935.00


Product Details

Little Baler delivers 45,000 lbs. of crushing force!


Standing only four feet tall the TC-710 Baler reduces 150 lbs of the most challenging
aluminum cans or P.E.T. Bottles, and 140 lbs of H.D.P.E. material to a dense 20in. x
20in. x 36in. bale. Equipped with a standard oil cooler and 5in. cylinder the power
choices include a 10 HP electric motor or 18 HP gas engine. This mobile unit
conveniently fits into a truck or trailer bed, which can be used curbside, or it can be
permanently installed in-plant. The in-plant unit can be mounted on casters. The TC-710
Baler provides flexibility for processing of waste materials on-site or en route.
Convenient and practical, the TC-710 reduces labor costs and material handling by
preparing the bales and allowing you to continue baling while removing a completed
bale. Getting more material in each load also reduces transportation cost. Made in the USA

Model No.
TSI-TC-710 (Gasoline)
3ft. 9in
8ft. 9in.
4ft. 6in.
TSI-TC-710 (Electric)
3ft. 9in
8ft. 9in.
3ft. 6in.