CutSkill C-35A Manual Plasma Cutting System

VCT-1-1635-1 is Discontinued

Code: VCT-1-1635-1

Product Details

Firepower 1-1635-1 CutSkill C-35A Manual Plasma Cutting System


  • Precision-engineered consumable parts are easy to change and require no tools
  • Easy-to-use torch trigger release and ergonomic handle provide comfort during long cutting sessions
  • Two modes of operation available - standoff cutting or drag cutting
  • Light-weight, flexible 20 ft. (6.1m) torch leads
  • Latch feature allows the cutting arc to remain active without constantly depressing the torch switch
  • Starts without high-frequency so it won’t interfere with controls or computers
  • SureLok electrode eliminates tip wobble found in some blow-apart torch designs, resulting in a cleaner arc and longer parts life
  • Protective interlock circuitry disables the power supply if torch consumable parts are incorrectly assembled
  • Full 1-year warranty on repair parts and labor