Booster Buddy Battery Jumper

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No. JNC 990466 Booster Buddy 400 Amp


Booster Buddy

No. JNC 990466

Don't Get Stuck Without

Your Boosterbuddy!

Exciting! Versatile! Compact! The Booster Buddy continues the tradition of the best technology, performance, and size in the jump-starter category. Fills the retail, professional and OEM product categories by manufacturing 15 distinct models.


The Booster Buddy lights the way for nighttime repairs or jump-starting when stranded with a dead battery at night, alone, or late for an appointment.


Power outage at home, the office, or traveling the Booster Buddy provides a dependable 12 Volt DC power source for emergencies and everyday use.


The charger storage compartment prevents lost or misplaced chargers! The recessed control panel protects the unit controls from external damage. Our NEW Grip-LockTM design makes clamp storage a snap.


High intensity light, jump-starter, power source, rechargeable and 1000 peak amps (400 crank assist amps) define the Booster Buddy. Blending together a host of features and concepts, the Booster Buddy service many diverse needs from routine jump-starting to wilderness camping. The Booster Buddy gives you the best value for your dollar.



Booster Buddy

Part No.

JNC 990466



Peak Amps (approx)


Crank Assist Amps (approx)


Battery Type

Sealed Lead Acid (AGM)

Battery Capacity

17 Amp Hour

Cable Length

29 Inches

Cable Type

#4 Gauge Welding

Charger (UL approved)


Light Running Time

50+ Hrs (per charge)

Dimensions (Inches)

11.5 H x 12 W x 7 D

Indicator Display


Unit Weight

18 Lbs.

Ship Weight

21 Lbs


1 Year

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