Wheeled Battery Jump Starters

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JNC 0010 - H/D Truck 12 V, 1450 Amp, 1500 CCA 12/24 V, JNC 0024 - H/D Truck 1400/800 CCA 12/24 V


JNC 0005 - Automotive starter/charger (700-1000 CCA)

JNC 0006 - Automotive starter/charge/air compressor

2 group 24 31 batteries included with H/D models, no battery included with automotive models.

No. JNC 0010 & JNC 0024

No. JNC 0005 & JNC 0006

Wheeled Jump Starters

These Jump Starters are designed for truck service facilities, terminals, auto auctions, dealerships and areas that need portability and power. This dual battery unit's large reserve capacity easily starts semi-tractors or dual battery equipment. Designed especially for 12 or 24-volt applications. The 12/24 Volt unit uses 10 Foot, 1/0 Jumper Cables and delivers 1450 Amps of STARTING POWER in the 12 Volt mode and 725 Amps of STARTING POWER in the 24 Volt mode.


  • Rugged polyethylene 1/4" case with reinforced axle and battery housing
  • 10 Foot jumper cables constructed of 1/0 welding cable
  • Heavy duty grips
  • Charging system with automatic reset circuit breakers on the AC input and DC output
  • Compact 16" x 24" x 42" size easily goes between tightly parked vehicles
  • 5/8" hardened steel sleeved axle
  • 4" x 10" split rim wheels
  • #16 Gauge AC Cord, #12 acid resistant wiring, tinned copper connectors and lugs (H/D Models)

Battery Discharge/Recharge

The battery may be discharged in temperatures from -400C to +600C; however, performance of unit is temperature sensitive like a typical automotive flooded acid battery. Likewise, storage life between recharge is maximized in colder temperatures and minimized in warmer temperatures. A battery stored at a room temperature of 200C (680F) will retain 60-70% of the nominal capacity after one-year. Expect a 3% discharge in capacity per month at room temperature. Recharge temperatures ranges are from -200C to +500C (-400F to 1220F).

The number of discharge/charge cycles depends on: amount of capacity removed from the battery, operating temperatures, and charging method. General life expectancy may be characterized as follows:

Expected Discharge/Charges Cycles

Average % discharge depth per use

Expected discharge/charge cycles











Percent discharge per jump-start (200 amps at 6 seconds) = 2%

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