CPS CarSmart A/C Inspector

CarSmart A/C Inspector from CPS Products determines system performance in just 2 minutes, allowing your shop to add A/C inspection for every vehicle. CarSmart is designed to provide quick and easy non-invasive A/C system performance analysis that accurately measures and records temperature and relative humidity of the air entering the air conditioning system.
CPS CarSmart in hand
CPS Carsmart Logo with sensors
In two minutes, the CarSmart A/C Inspector (TACI100) compares outside humidity and temperature coming from the A/C vent to determine whether the A/C system is operating within original equipment manufacturer specifications. The information can be displayed on any smart phone through a CPS Link or through a CPS mechanic's tablet which can be purchased as part of the CarSmart A/C Inspector Technology Pack (TACI110).

Sensors attach in seconds and the color-coded clamps ensure proper placement.

Red red sensor attached outside to the front grille near condensor
Blue sensor attached inside to center cabin vent