Breakout Box Ford EEC-V 104-pin

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No. OTC 3235 - Ford EEC-V 104pin Breakout Box

FORD EEC-V 104-pin

Breakout Box

  • Unit accesses all connections to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) on all 1994 and newer EEC-V systems.
  • The adapter cable interfaces with the PCM connector and the vehicles' harness connector.
  • Banana jacks located on the unit's panel are used to access each PCM connection.
  • Flexible, eight-foot ribbon cable provides added freedom of movement.
  • Includes plastic overlay panel and connecting cable for numeric identification of each jack to match the vehicle's PCM pin-out.
  • Unit withstands extreme temperature and humidity ranges, and the outside is unaffected by typical service shop substances (i.e. antifreeze, dirt, smoke, oil, brake fluid, etc.)

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