Diesel Glow Plug Removal Tool

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No. OTC 6005 - Diesel Glow Plug Removal Tool

No. OTC 6005

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Problem: Often, a hard starting problem with one of today's light diesels found in 3/4 and 1-ton pickups can be traced to a bad glow plug. Sometimes, the plug's tip has melted, and that's when the fun begins. Break the glow plug tip off, which can easily happen when you struggle to remove it, and you're looking at a cylinder head R & R which can take up to six hours. Explaining the labor charge to your customer is a real day spoiler for both of you.


Solution: Only OTC offers you an alternative. Our new no. OTC 6005 Diesel glow Plug Removal Tool removes stuck-in glow plugs without leaving debris in the cylinder head or damaging the threads in the glow plug hole, either of which can necessitate time-consuming head removal.


Removes damaged stuck-in glow plugs from diesel engines without having to remove the cylinder head, saving hours of service time! When a glow plug tip is melted and the plug can't be removed without breaking it off, this tool is the only answer. This is an exclusive!

Tool Includes: 10mm and 12mm split nuts that provide added threads for pulling. One of three furnished spacers is installed under the split nut to give a solid base for extraction without breaking glow plug off. The split nut is held with a wrench, as the glow plug is unscrewed from the head. Services diesels in popular 3/4 and 1-ton pickups. Packaged in a plastic storage case. Weight 5 oz.

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