UV Leak Detection Kit Automotive 12-Volt

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No. ROB 16292 - Automotive UV Leak Detection Kit 12-Volt

Leaks show up bright yellow-green in the light of the UV lamp-great for both mobile and stationary applications.

Robinair's new ultraviolet leak detection kits help you find leaks fast because you can actually see the leak. You don't have false triggering or background contamination to contend with, as you do with other types of detectors. The dye combines with the refrigerant lubricant and migrates out at the leak, where it shines brightly in the beam of the UV light.

UV leak detection can be used for both automotive and HVAC-R systems, and dyes won't harm the system.

Our new Cool-Tools UV lamp is contoured so it's easy to hold during leak detection. Dye shows up bright yellow-green in the focused beam of the lamp.

Durable UV Lamp

  • High intensity beam makes even small leaks visible and is bright enough to be used in daylight.
  • Rugged case and a shock-absorbing mounting mechanism protect the lamp during use and storage.
  • UV bulb is rated for 3000 hours and is economical to replace when necessary.
  • Comes with a 15' (4.57m) long cord with battery clips for automotive use or with a transformer for 115v operation, doing away with heavy batteries and the need to recharge.

Advanced Formula Dye

  • Designed with super luminescence so leaks are easy to spot, even small ones.
  • Long-lasting formula won't break down over time, can remain in a system for future leak searches.
  • Won't affect the viscosity of refrigerant lubricants or harm the system in any way.
  • Highly concentrated dye means you'll use less; convenient cartridge is easy to handle, prevents spills.

Easy-to-Use Dye Injector

  • Lets you add dye to a fully pressurized system quickly and cleanly.
  • Speed service since there's no need to recover the charge, add dye and recharge as with some brands.
  • Squeeze trigger mechanism delivers enough dye for an automotive system; a chart included with the unit shows how much dye to add to various sizes of HVAC-R installations.

For R-12 and R-134a vehicles. Everything you need for UV leak detection is packed in a handy carrying case. You get our exclusive 12V Cool Tools lamp, 15' (4.57m) power cord with battery clips and UV shield/enhancer glasses. The injector comes with two adapters, ¼" for R-12 systems and ½" Acme for R-134a systems. One cartridge of universal dye, enough for 20 applications, is included.

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