Acuspray HGP Spray Gun Kit

Acuspray HGP Spray Gun Kit

Code: 3M-16587

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3M Accuspray Spray Gun Kit HGP

No. MMM-16587
3M Accuspray Spray Gun Kit HGP

3M Accuspray Spray Gun Kit HGP

An HVLP gravity pressurized spray gun, to be used with a pressurized H/O cup system to provide superior application of high viscosity coatings. Kit contains 1 each HGP spray gun and 4 atomizing heads - 2 each 1.8mm nozzles and 2 each 2.0mm nozzles.

How you can spray those high viscosity coatings such as gelcoats, bottom paints, extremely heavy bodied primers and adhesives. Virtually any sprayable coating. The innovative 3M Accuspray System with its replaceable atomizing head, in conjunction with the 3M PPS Pressure Cup allows for the following benefits:
  • Boosts Productivity
    • Lowers application time
    • High delivery rates
    • Eliminates costly gun maintenance
    • Builds mil thickness quickly
  • Maximizes Benefits of the 3M PPS System
    • Reduces spray gun cleaning time
    • Uses less solvent for clean up
    • Decrease hazardous waste disposal cost
  • Reduces Coating Consumption
    • Minimizes overspray
    • Reduces coating waste