1.3Mm Atomizing Head Refill

1.3Mm Atomizing Head Refill

Code: 3M-16614

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Product Details

3M Company 16614 1.3mm Accuspray™ Green Atomizing Head Refill Kit

  • 1.3mm (green) atomizing head for use with 3M™ Accuspray™ Replaceable Atomizing head spray guns (Models: Accuspray™ ONE PN16578/16579, HGP 16587, HG18 16570, HG14 16577)
  • Remove and replace atomizing head on demand for the performance of a new spray gun
  • Clean and reuse with visual confirmation as the atomizing heads are see through
  • Includes additional atomizing air holes in air cap to enhance the atomization of automotive base coats and clear coats as well as other coatings
  • 4 atomizing heads per box