6in/P80 Hookit Clean Sanding

6in/P80 Hookit Clean Sanding

Code: 3M-1820

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Product Details

Go the distance. Go purple. Put the power of purple to work for you with 3M™ Purple Clean Sanding Discs and significantly improve your automotive finishing productivity, performance and – ultimately – profitability. Features
• Precisely-patterned openings
• Hookit™ backing Advantages
• Reduced loading
• Up to two times longer disc life than no-hole abrasives
• Improved dust extraction over 5-hole and 6-hole discs
• Lining up disc holes with disc pad holes not required Benefits
• Can reduce consumable costs
• Can improve productivity
• Cleaner work area Specifications
• Abrasive Backing Type: Paper
• Abrasive Backing Weight: C Weight
• Abrasive Mineral Type: Aluminum Oxide
• Color: Purple
• FEPA Grade: P500 Available in the following grits:
• P80 (3M-1820)
• P100 (3M-1819)
• P120 (3M-1818)
• P150 (3M-1817)
• P180 (3M-1816)
• P220 (3M-1815)
• P240 (3M-1814)
• P280 (3M-1813)
• P320 (3M-1812)
• P400 (3M-1811)
• P500 (3M-1810)