Heavy-Duty Remote Starter

ACT-CP7854 is Discontinued

Code: ACT-CP7854

Product Details

Actron Heavy-Duty Remote Starter Switch

Allows one person to start and crank engine from under the hood or from either side of
the vehicle. Ideal for compression test or bumping engine onto TDC (top dead center)
timing marks for valve, distributor or camshaft adjustment. Convenient hot circuit red
indicator light glows when starter switch is ready for starting/cranking the engine, light
goes off when switch is depressed.
  • Push button, heavy-duty trigger switch for repetitive high current testing
  • 5-foot heavy-duty leads, 12 gauge conductors, rubber insulation
  • 20-Amp, high current clips open to an extra wide 5/8in. for easy hook-up
  • Protective rubber boots prevent electrical shorts
  • Soft, non-slip rubber grip
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.

Country of Origin

Made in USA