Remote Control Button Master

Remote Control Button Master


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Access Tools RCBM Remote Control Button Master


Access Tools RCBM Remote Control Button Master

Specifically Designed for Pulling Up Vertical Buttons

The Remote Control Button Master is a specialty car opening long reach tool that is specifically designed for pulling up vertical buttons. It has the same non-abrasive, non-marring coating as the SQM long reach to protect the doors of the vehicle, and is very flexible to fit any situation. To grab the button, it has a loop with a rubber sleeve around the cable for grip and to protect the button, and to activate it, there is a pull on the end of the tool that makes the loop grip the button.



  • Easily lifts up slick vertical buttons during car opening
  • Soft coating protects vehicle paint from scratches
  • Flexible tool can be bent for precise aim
  • Makes opening cars easier than ever
  • Must-have addition to any lock out set
  • Made in USA

Warranty information:

  • Lifetime Warranty: In-The-Door Steel Tools
  • 90-Day Warranty: All Other Tools


90-Day Warranty