Triple Reach Set

Triple Reach Set


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Access Tools TRS Triple Reach Set


Access Tools TRS Triple Reach Set

Access Tools TRS Triple Reach Set

The Triple Reach Set allows you to have the best of three worlds. For most jobs, the SQM is going to be your go to tool. But when you need that extra reach, you’ll always have that BIG KAHUNA handy so you never have to turn a job down because your tool wasn’t long enough. And for cases, such as convertibles and such with a shorter reach, its better to use the Little Max because it allows you to have more control, and this additional control and stability makes for an easier opening of smaller vehicles. And now all the long reach tool in this set comes with our patent pending Store-N-Go handle. You no longer have to look for tips in your tool box, just keep them inside your Store-N-Go handle for easy access.



  • Three different sizes of long reach tools in one single set
  • The mother of all long reach tools, The Big Max, featuring a whopping 58" long reach
  • High quality long lasting steel
  • Long lasting polycarbone handle offers sturdy grip
  • Non-abrasive, non-marring coating to avoid scratches on vehicles


  • 1. Big Kahuna
  • 1. Shielded Quick Max
  • 1. Little Max
  • Made in USA

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  • Lifetime Warranty: In-The-Door Steel Tools
  • 90-Day Warranty: All Other Tools


90-Day Warranty

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