Fractional Tap (HCS) 3/16"- 36 NS Plug Bulk

Fractional Tap (HCS) 3/16"- 36 NS Plug Bulk

Code: AHN-1415

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Product Details


  • Ideal for routine maintenance, repair work and for rethreading where high accuracy and tolerance thread is not critical
  • Straight flutes are ground to provide rapid chip removal for efficient threading
  • Designed for hand threading work in a variety of materials
  • Taps produce a class 2B thread
  • Self-Aligning dies start and tread straight every time
  • Additional strength - more steel at critical points
  • Etched tap size and recommended drill bit size are etched on for easy identification
  • All Hanson taps and dies are made in USA


  • Description: 3/16"- 36 NS
  • No. of Flutes: -
  • Plug Carded Item #: -
  • Plug Bulk Item #: 1415
  • Taper Bulk Item #: -
  • Bottom Bulk Item #: -
  • Self Aligning Bulk Item #: -
  • WG & Size 14 Contacts, 16-18
  • WARNING: Always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes, and wear other appropriate safety items for protection. For hand application use only. Do not use taps or dies in power tools. Always use cutting oil with cutting tools. Do not heat the tool. Always maintain a firm footing and control of the tool. Prior to use, always inspect the tool and discard immediately if damage is suspected.