6pc. Pipe Taper Tap Set  (HCS)

6pc. Pipe Taper Tap Set (HCS)

Code: AHN-1921

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6pc. Pipe Taper Tap Set, High Carbon Steel (HCS)

No. AHN-1921

6pc. Pipe Taper Tap Set, High Carbon Steel (HCS)

6pc. Pipe Taper Tap Set, High Carbon Steel (HCS)

We're working with a variety of tradesmen to solve endless fastening challenges: IRWIN HANSON Taps & Dies are the answer. Whether creating new tools from raw steel or repairing damaged and worn threads, achieving a precise fit is essential. IRWIN Industrial Tools sets the standard for delivering quality every step of the way in your threading applications.



  • Cuts internal threads in pipes
  • Nominal size of the tap is that of the pipe fitting being tapped
  • Ideal for pipe fittings
  • Tapered at a rate of 3/4in. per foot
  • Made in USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Set Includes:

  • 1/8in. - 27 NPT 1902
  • 1/4in. - 18 NPT 1903
  • 3/8in. - 18 NPT 1904
  • 1/2in. - 14 NPT 1905
  • 3/4in. - 14 NPT 1906
  • 1in. - 11-1/2 NPT 1907

Individual Tap Specification Chart:


NC = National Coarse (USS)
NF = National Fine (SAE)
NS = National Special
NEF = National Extra Fine
NPT = National Pipe Taper
BSP = British Standard Pipe



Country of Origin

Made in USA