Hexagon Metric Die (HCS) - 5 mm - 0.90  - 5/8" OD - Carded

Hexagon Metric Die (HCS) - 5 mm - 0.90 - 5/8" OD - Carded

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IRWIN HANSON has been manufacturing High Carbon Steel (HCS) threading tools for over 100 years, and has proven itself to be a brand you can trust. Performance, thread quality, durability, and ease of use ó proven for over a century. IRWIN understands itís all about performance, and you only get out of a tool what you put into a tool. The new performance Threading system from IRWIN HANSON is a prime example. With exceptional innovation, these threading tools are now easier to use, and maintain the high thread quality and durability professionals trust. The IRWIN HANSON performance Threading system includes self-aligning taps and dies for the perfect thread, every single time. New, innovative drive tools make set-up a snap, and itís all available in handy, modular set cases that fit in the smallest drawers, have removable lids, and easy-to-read marked sizes. Professionals can choose only what they need.

While most screwdriving bits are simply compatible with impact drills and drivers, IRWIN Impact Performance Series fastener drive bits are engineered for maximum durability and long life with impact drivers. These bits are forged* rather than milled, so they fit fasteners more precisely, which reduces stripping and increases the life of the bit itself Ė IRWIN's Impact Performance Series bits have three times longer life than traditional bits. Manufactured with heavy-duty, cold-forged, high-grade steel, they'll withstand extremely high torque output. Plus, a black oxide finish resists corrosion and increases the life of the bit.Die lock ergonomic die handle that also accepts two different adjustable tap sockets. The Irwin Tools - Hanson PTS (Performance Threading System) Taps and Dies are the most innovative products in the threading industry in decades. With an increased flute taper in the taps, the new products are 20% more durable and up to 30% easier to break chips with. The new rolled thread dies provide greater thread quality, greater accuracy and greater cutting ease. On top of the new Taps and Dies, Irwin has also redesigned the entire drive tool system. With a die lock ergonomic die handle that also accepts two different adjustable tap sockets, this all encompassing drive tool set will make the job easier for every threading application.


  • Ideal for automotive repair and machinery where metric threads are specified
  • Carded


  • Description: 5 mm - 0.90
  • Across Flat: 5/8"
  • UPC: 0 42526 06323 7