Plug Tap (HCS) 6mm-1.00 and Drill Bit (HSS) 5mm

Plug Tap (HCS) 6mm-1.00 and Drill Bit (HSS) 5mm

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Product Details

Plug Tap (HCS) 6mm-1.00 & Drill Bit (HSS) 5mm


  • Performance Threading System:
    • Chip Breaking Technology (CBT) cuts chips easier
    • Tap size and recommended drill bit size are laser etched on each tool for easy identification
  • High Carbon steel (HCS) Taps for hand tapping applications
  • High speed steel drill bits ensure fast, precise drilling
  • High carbon steel plug taps are ideal for general purpose threading
  • Carded Display Packaging
  • Made in the USA
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Available Sizes & Specifications:

NC = National Coarse (USS)
NF = National Fine (SAE)
NS = National Special
NEF = National Extra Fine
NPT = National Pipe Taper
BSP = British Standard Pipe



Country of Origin

Made in USA