Hot Stapler Replacement Staples Z Clip

Hot Stapler Replacement Staples Z Clip

Code: DTF-DF-800ZC

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Product Details

DTF-DF800ZC 50pk Breakaway Z-Clip Stitch Tab StapleClips


  • Pack of 50 Breakaway Z-Clips
  • Intended for stitch tab applications on thermoplastic parts such as bumpers and clips
  • One of the most common varieties used, the Z Clip is the poster child for versatility
  • Designed for repairing general tears the Z shape forms a natural stitch
  • Usually used for small and delicate tears with not much obstructions
  • This staple is placed at 1in to 1.5in intervals on straight breaks and open areas
  • Tighter staple intervals can be used on curved cracks and high load bearing areas
  • This small design element will cut cycle time and save technicians extra steps
  • The leads are notched allowing them to be snapped off with a hand, instead of having to go back with snips
  • If sunken deep enough the leads will break below the surface of the plastic eliminating the need to go back over with a grinder later
  • Over time these simple improvements make the difference in profitability and not going over the allocated time
  • Consumable replacement part for DTF-DF400BR, DTF-DF800BR, and DTF-DF850CL or any other hot stapler