Air Over Hydraulic Rivet Tool, 6CFM, .750in Stroke

Air Over Hydraulic Rivet Tool, 6CFM, .750in Stroke

Code: HUK-202

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Product Details

Air Over Hydraulic (Pneudraulic) Tool 202, 6CFM, .750in. Stroke



The Model 202 is a lightweight, high-speed tool that is well-suited for both production and maintenance/repair applications where 1/4in., and smaller, diameter blind fasteners are used. The 202 features an in-line piston for production rates of up to 35 installations per minute. The 202's ergonomically designed handle and light weight (5.5 pounds) combine to minimize operator fatigue.



  • Weight: 5.1 lbs.
  • Required Air Pressure: 90-110 psi
  • Air Consumption: 6 CFM based on 30 fastener installations/minute
  • Hydraulic Fluid: Automatic Transmission Fluid DEXTRON II or equivalent
  • Stroke: .750 in.
  • Options: 202B-Bottle Madrel Collection System 202V-Vacuum Mandrel Collection System

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