Hand Hydraulic Riveter Tool Kit HK-150A , 3,500lbs. Pull

Hand Hydraulic Riveter Tool Kit HK-150A , 3,500lbs. Pull

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Manual Hand Hydraulic Riveter Tool Kit HK-150A , 3,500lbs. Pulling Force



The HK-150A provides complete fastening capabilities, from light-duty, pop-type rivets to heavy-duty Magna-Loks. Better still, this compact tool easily converts to a nutsetter for a broad range of threaded inserts. The HK-150 is powered by a unique hydraulic system that's extremely compact yet able to develop up to 3,500 pounds of force. It's the ideal tool for confined spaces; and its innovative design, with increased work travel, makes it possible to set steel rivets of 1/4-inch diameter or less in a single cycle.



  • Up to 3,500 pounds of pulling force.
  • Designed for one-hand operation when needed.
  • Weighs only 18 ounces.
  • Installs aluminum, steel, and stainless stell rivets through 1/4-inch diameter.
  • Sets threaded aluminum inserts from 3mm through 3/8-24 size, and steel inserts through 1/4-20 size with nutsetter conversion kit.

Nose Pieces Included:

  • Riveter, case, 1/8in. trim nose assembly, 5/32in.-3/16in. nose assembly, 1/4in. pop-style nose assembly, and 1/4in. split rivet nosepiece.