8 1/2in Spoon Handle Fillet

KER-1288SH is Discontinued

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8 1/2 in. Spoon-Handle Fillet


Clean and fillet like a Pro

The 8 1/2-inch Spoon-Handle Fillet is part of Kershaw’s Pro-Grade Specialty Fish & Game series. Pros know that having the right tool for the job makes every job easier. That’s the idea behind Kershaw Pro-Grade series; you’ll always have just the right knife for every job.
The 1288SH is the pro choice of anglers who target larger fish like salmon, trout, and steelhead. This larger fillet knife lets you fillet your catch and remove the bloodline with the same convenient tool—so fish cleaning is faster and easier. At 8 1/2 inches, this Kershaw sharp fillet knife will glide through even a monster fish quickly and easily.

All razor-sharp Pro-Grade blades are 420J2 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance—always important for use in a wet environment. The steel is also quite tough and easy to re-sharpen. What’s more, it offers just the right amount of “flex” to make filleting and breakdown easier. The Pro-Grade handle is a proven design that enables your hand to lock easily into place for comfort and control, even when you’re doing a lot of processing.



  • Fixed Blade
    The knife does not fold closed; usually stored in a sheath or blade protector.
  • Plastic Blade Protector
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty




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