3/4 Ton Wide Blade Utility Knife

KER-1446 is Discontinued

Code: KER-1446

Product Details

Wide-Blade 3/4 Ton



The wide-blade Kershaw 3/4-Ton is a great knife for slicing—and that means everything from slicing open a cardboard box to cutting some apple slices to go with lunch.
This extra-wide blade makes the3/4Ton a great little work and general utility knife, too, because it gives you plenty of cutting options. In fact, when you only want to carry one knife, it’s a great choice for handling a full range of every day tasks. Yet to streamline the 3/4-Ton’s wide blade—and make it an even better slicer—we built the blade from slimmer blade stock and gave it wide panel grinds. This means that about two-thirds of the blade has been thinned—so that even though the blade is plenty stout, it still slices through just about anything like a champ. That said, the 3/4 Ton’s wide blade simply has more steel in it so it’s extra strong and tough. Made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, the blade is bead-blasted for a no-fuss finish.

The handle is equally easy care. The scales are glass-filled nylon for durability and dimensional stability. A rubber insert provides additional grip traction and has the Kershaw logo in raised letters. A locking liner provides lockup security while the blade is open and releases with a push to the left when you’re ready. As a finishing touch, the 3/4 Ton has our exclusive wrench-shaped pocketclip.



  • Manual
    There is no mechanical assist, such as SpeedSafe, used to open the folding knife. It opens the classic, old-school way.
  • Single Position
    The pocketclip is in a fixed position on the knife handle; usually it is positioned for tip-down, right-handed carry, though this may vary.
  • Liner Lock
    Locks the blade open during use; one side of the knife’s steel liner, the steel plate to which the handle scales are attached, moves into position behind the blade to securely lock it open.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty