Launch XSonicClean BT (400+ Models)

Launch XSonicClean BT (400+ Models)

Code: LAU-303010007

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LAUNCH 303010007 XSonicClean BT Fuel Injector (400+ Models) Diagnostics and Cleaner

Customer concerns of fuel economy, coupled with unanswered drivability/ performance issues keep coming up. No solutions to misfires, fuel trim issues? Finally, there is an affordable way to truly evaluate injector performance. Without seeing the spray, it is difficult to identify an injector issue. The XSonicClean BT from Launch offers the one, true solution by allowing you to see the spray on each injector verifying equal volume, spray pattern and true leakdown. If a bad injector is found, simply place it in the Ultrasonic Cleaner or even reverse flush it and be good as new.


  • Injector Cleaning and Diagnostics - Test injectors with and restore to like new performance with the X-SonicClean Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Spray Pattern Testing and Evaluation - Visually monitor/ evaluate spray patterns and accurately measure injector delivery to correctly diagnose the condition and performance of the injectors
  • Injection Flow and Volume Test - Measure and compare the volume and flow of each injector via graduated cylinders. Match injectors for peak performance
  • Auto Test - Computerized test sequence utilizing variable RPM and Pulse width to simulate true conditions (acceleration, deceleration and idle phases)
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning - Injectors are pulsed during the Ultrasonic cleaning process removing all carbon deposits, rust and contaminates