Proseal Small Assortment Kit, 75 Pcs, w/Tool Slot

Proseal Small Assortment Kit, 75 Pcs, w/Tool Slot

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Proseal Connector Kit with Tool Slot, 75pcs



  • The finest Crimp & Heat-Seal connector on the market today. Better wire contact - Less voltage drop - Better current flow
  • Seamless butt connectors & brazed seam rings and spades - prevents opening of connector barrel for stronger crimp
  • Uniform adhesive flow does not overflow onto terminal to impede contact
  • Heat shrink tubing does not reduce in length, creating better insulation along with superior wire support and strain relief
  • Translucent, adhesive-lined polyolefin shrink tubing - Allows visual inspection, prevents wire corrosion and provides a water and contaminant resistant seal
  • Color-coded tubing with wire gauge imprint - Provides easy identification of the correct part for the job
  • Superior integrity of electrical systems - Sealed electrical systems ensure the original integrity of wire connections and wiring harnesses and conforms with OEM standards
  • 89 lbs tensile strength
  • Refills available in bags of 10 and 50
  • Temperature Rating: -67-deg F to 230-deg F      (-55-deg C to 110-deg C)
  • Longitudinal Change: +1, -10%
  • Recovery Temperature: 275-deg F / 135-deg C
  • Dialectic Strength: 900 Volts/Mil.
  • UL Voltage Rating: 600 Volts
  • Corrosion Resistance: Non-corrosive
  • Fungus Resistance: Non-nutrient
  • Water Absorption: Less than 0.1%