Ultratane Butane Fuel

MRA-51773-EA is Discontinued

Code: MRA-51773-EA

Product Details

Master Appliance 51773-EA Ultratane® Butane Fuel, 5-1/8 oz.

  • Master Appliance offers butane refills for all of its multifunctional, portable soldering irons, flameless butane tools, and butane torches
  • The butane refills help our tools perform a variety of tasks: from soldering and desoldering, shrinking and terminating insulated solder perfoms, and environmental splices
  • Triple-refined formula reduces clogging of filters
  • Special vapor pressure promotes consistent ignition
  • Contains no CFC’s, canister includes single-piece universal filling tip
  • Recommended butane refills for all Ultratorch® & Master Butane-powered products
  • Three convenient sizes
  • Meets ORM-D consumer commodity class and can be shipped via ground transportation without hazardous material charges