Self-Igniting TriggerTorch Kit

Self-Igniting TriggerTorch Kit

Code: MRA-MT76K

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Product Details

Master Appliance MT76K Self-Igniting TriggerTorch™ Kit

  • Gas adjustment wheel provides adjustable, long blue torch flame with temperatures up to 2,500°F/1300°C _x000D_
  • MT-76 includes soldering tip and hot air tip for soldering up to 752°F/400°C and heating up to 932°F/500°C _x000D_
  • Self-igniting piezo electric ignition is easy to start and eliminates the need for lighter or matches _x000D_
  • Kit includes triggertorch, removable stand, 5” wire cutter, 5” needle nose pliers, soldering tip, hot air tip, shrink attachment, polyfoam cutter, hot knife tip, roll 60/40 solder, and stand with sponge packed in a durable plastic storage/carrying case _x000D_
  • Incorporates “trigger” switch with “pulldown” lock to meet (CPSC) Requirements_x000D_
  • “Hands-free” slide lock for continuous use and instant off operation _x000D_
  • Triggertorch with table-top stand, soldering tip (35386), hot air tip (35387), hot knife tip (35400), shrink attachment (35394), polyfoam cutter (35396), 5” wire cutter, 5” needle nose pliers, 60/40 solder and sponge packed in a durable plastic case