Ultratorch with Heat Tip and 0.5in DiameterShrinkAttachment

MRA-UT-40SiH is Discontinued

Code: MRA-UT-40SiH

Product Details

Ultratorch w/ Heat Tip & 0.5in.Diameter Shrink Attachment



  • Ultratorch soldering tips feature Ultratip Technology, the long lasting, oxygen-fee, copper based, iron and chrome plated tip with a built-in catalyst, pre-tinned with lead-free solder.
  • UT-40Si is a soldering iron and flameless heat tool
  • UT-40SiH is a dedicated flameless heat tool only
  • Butane powered for portability
  • Convenient slide switch ignition system for quick ignition
  • Adjustable temperature lever for temperatures up to 1200-deg. F, equivalent to a 20-80 watt soldering iron
  • Compact, light weight and easy to use
  • Patented gas catalyst reaction system
  • UL & GS/TUV Listed for user safety
  • Use to pinpoint heat, remove surface mount components, repair vinyl, shrink heat shrinkable tubing, solder & desolder, spot dry, strip insulation with hot knife and more
  • One Year Warranty
  • Dimensions: 8.3in. L (208 mm)       
  • Equivalent to Electric Iron: 20 to 80 Watt
  • Recommended Fuel: Master Ultratane® Butane     
  • Gas Tank Capacity: .5 fl. oz. (14 cc)
  • Approx. Operating Time: 1.3 hrs.  
  • Net Weight: 2.6 oz. (14 cc)
  • Approx. Solder Tip Temp. 840-deg. F (450-deg. C) 
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lb.
  • Approx. Heat Tip Temp.: 1200-deg. F (650-deg. C)
  • Shipped Empty
Available Models:
  • UT-40Si    Butane Powered Ultratorch
  • UT-40SiH Ultratorch with heat tip, .5in. dia. shrink attachment and protective cap