Metric Aluminum R134a Manifold w/ 63mm Gauges

Metric Aluminum R134a Manifold w/ 63mm Gauges

Code: MSC-85103-M

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Product Details

R134a Auto A/C Aluminum 2-Way Manifold with 63mm Gauges



  • Heavy duty forged brass body.
  • Large all metal handles are angled for ease of operation.
  • Free-floating piston type valves reduce o-ring wear.
  • Hose holder for convenient storage.
  • Silicone dampened gauges smooth out needle movement.
  • Gauges can be easily recalibrated in the field to maintain accuracy.
  • Models available for various types of refrigerants.
  • R134a Auto A/C 2-way manifold gauge sets with hoses packaged in clamshells.
  • Hose connections for blue and red are 14mm-M. Yellow hose is 1/2in. ACME-F with auto shut-off valves.
  • Gauges are 63mm in Bar/Deg. Celsius

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