Nicholson Files

In the early 1800s, and for centuries prior, the file was an essential sharpening tool in every shop, farm, and household. But this seemingly simple tool was deceptively difficult to make. Special steel with specific carbon content had to be precisely shaped, annealed ground, chiseled, and hardened to achieve acceptable sharpness and durability. The only way to accomplish this was to produce files by hand, with master craftsmen closely guarding their secret techniques. But in 1864, William T. Nicholson changed history: He designed and patented the equipment to successfully manufacture machine-made files.

Today, 150 years later, Nicholson® is the most recognized brand of file in the world. Over time, the Nicholson product line has increased in scope and size, and now includes files, rasps, hacksaws, and handsaws, all manufactured to uncompromising standards of quality.