AntiZap Automotive Battery Surge Protector

AntiZap Automotive Battery Surge Protector

Code: OTC-3386

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Antizap Auto Surge Protector

No. OTC-3386

Antizap Auto Surge Protector

Antizap Auto Surge Protector

Now you can safely weld or perform any electrical service on a vehicle and
eliminate the work of disconnecting the battery cables or resetting the memories
on your vehicle. Simply clip it across the battery and go to work. This is ideal for
body shops or muffler shops or anyone doing general electric work on vehicles.

  • Connect the Antizap to the car's battery and it becomes part of the vehicle's
    electrical circuit. If a voltage spike is detected, the Antizap automatically clips
    it to a safe level to prevent damage to sensitive electronic systems.
  • Protects fuel gauges, ABS brakes, radios, tape and CD players, car alarms,
    SRS air bags, LED instrumentation, EFI, fuel and climate control systems.
    Protects against all welding, i.e. ARC, Mig, and TIG.
  • 12 Volt Systems Only



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