Genisys Super Bundle Domestic Asian Smart Cable 2.0

Genisys Super Bundle Domestic Asian Smart Cable 2.0

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USA 2006 Domestic Software with Pathfinder
New Expanded Systems Coverage and Special Tests
  • Ford bi-directional special tests.
  • New vehicles, systems and approximately 200 NEW special tests are added for earlier year vehicles as well as 2006 models.
  • Domestic 2006 provides coverage back to 1980 with focus on vehicles technicians see in their shops everyday.
  • NEW Mode 6 Summary Screen sorts all failed Mode 6 tests to the top for easy identification.
New Code Library
  • Fast access to OBD II Generic and OEM Enhanced DTC’s from the Repair Information Menu.
  • Pathfinder Troubleshooting Code Information available from Code Library.

New USB Drive Expanded Recording

  • Read the extended recordings on Genisys or the PC.
  • Data recordings without a USB drive are extended to 1000 frames!
USA 2006 Domestic Software with Pathfinder
includes three powerful repair information databases!

Pathfinder Troubleshooting Information
Pathfinder troubleshooting information from 1992 to 2004 provides critical information at the technician’s fingertips. In addition to the Repair-Trac and Fast Fixes™ databases, repair information includes:
  • Code information
  • Data/sensor information
  • PCM connector information
  • Component location
  • Specifications
  • Symptoms
  • TSB references

Fast Fixes™ Repair Information Database
Fast Fixes is a “sister” information database to Repair-Trac. No pattern failure listed for the vehicle’s symptom? No problem, Fast Fixes data provides a vehicle-specific checklist of the most likely and most overlooked causes.
Systems covered:
  • Engine performance
  • Steering
  • HVAC
  • Brakes
  • Charging
  • Starting
  • Suspension
Repair-Trac™ Tech Tips
Repair-Trac is the largest database of known vehicle-specific fixes available to the automotive aftermarket. Why settle for some other scan tool that offers limited repair information, or none at all? Only the NGIS scan tool has the diagnostic power and the largest repair database to help you work smarter. Check it out:
  • Coverage from 1969 through 2004 for USA domestic, USA Asian, and USA European vehicles
  • Aftermarket TSBs based on information from over 2 million tech service calls.
  • Access Repair-Trac from the Main Menu, Data Stream, or Trouble Code menus.
  • Quickly identify vehicle-specific pattern failures.
Automated System Test
Now Available with USA 2006 Domestic Software Applications
  • With one button press, Automated System Test™ performs a system “health check” of all available vehicle controllers.
  • Any trouble codes found are reported along with other vital scan data.
  • Repair-Trac pattern failures and available repair information are linked to trouble codes of the top known component failures.
System 2.0 Starter Kit
  • NEW System 2.0 software
  • Hi speed compact flash “Super Card”
  • Card reader
  • Compact flash cover for your tool
Powerful Features:
  • Fast Boot – New and improved Genisys boots up in about 30 seconds; Genisys Classic takes twice as long.
  • New User Interface – Provide Genisys with a new improved icon based user interface. (Think MS DOS to Windows XP.)
  • Code Reader Mode – Users may want to just read or clear codes fast. Now Genisys can boot into a code reader mode FAST – approximately 5 - 7 seconds!
  • Personalization – A custom setup mode for user preferences.
    • User configurable Function Keys – user selected applications @ one button
    • Interface Selection – New System 2.0 icon-based or Genisys Classic menu
IMPORTANT: System 2.0 software is included. Other applications will require a Smart Card to authorize. Many software applications are preloaded for convenience only and will not function without the appropriate Smart Card to authorize use. Smart Cards are only obtained by purchasing the appropriate software kit. System 2.0 is required to install USA 2006 Domestic with Pathfinder, USA 2006 Asian with Pathfinder, USA 2005 European with Pathfinder, Heavy-Duty Standard and InfoTech 2006.

Preloaded applications for your convenience include:
System 2.0
Domestic 2006
Domestic 2005
Pathfinder 2004
Pathfinder 2003
Asian 2006
Asian 2005
Asian 2003
European 2005
European 2003
InfoTech 2006
InfoTech 2005
Heavy Duty Standard
InfoTech Scope
Gas M/P Software
ABS / Air Bag 2004
ABS / Air Bag 2002
Global OBD II
The memory card prompts the user for new applications they may want to install (requires Smart Card) and then automatically updates the other authorized software on a scan tool.
USA 2006 Asian Software with Pathfinder
This kit is for NGIS scan tool owners who already have the Asian Import 2003
or 2005 starter kits and want to update software coverage to 2006.
Kit Includes:
  • NGIS software CD
  • Manual
  • Smart Card
USA 2006 Asian Software—Now with Honda OEM Coverage.
Covers OBD I and OBD II thru 2006.
Powerful Asian Import diagnostics coverage. Asian also includes Pathfinder troubleshooting! The 2006 release now also integrates Repair-Trac™ tech tips and Fast Fixes™ into Asian software.
  • Over 500 bi-directional special tests added to Asian 2006 software.
  • NEW! Honda licensed OEM data coverage includes engine, transmission, ABS, air bag, tire pressure monitor, and more body and chassis systems.
  • Enhanced engine and transmission data stream and read codes for Nissan (1990–2006 DDL1 & DDL2 protocols), Mitsubishi and Mazda (1996–2006), and Toyota (through 2006).
  • ABS and air bag support for Nissan, Mitsubishi (1996–2006), and Toyota (includes keyword protocols for 1998–2006).
  • Expanded Toyota OBD I, 1995 and older coverage
  • OBD II Smart Cable Compatible
  • USB drive expanded recording. The user can now expand the data recording time by using the USB drive. When complete, the recordings can be uploaded to the FREE ConnecTech Reader software via the USB drive directly to the PC.
  • NEW! read the extended recordings on Genisys OR the PC.
  • NEW! data recordings without a USB drive are extended to 1000 frames!
  • Enhanced data graphs. Data monitor graphs now include an average reading for spotting data trends quickly. Fast diagnosis of O2 sensor lean and rich trends is an example.
Automated System Test for USA 2006 Asian Software
  • With one button press, Automated System Test performs a system “health check” of all available vehicle controllers.
  • Any trouble codes found are reported along with other vital scan data.
  • Repair-Trac™ pattern failures and available repair information are linked to trouble codes of the top known component failures.
New Pathfinder Troubleshooting Features
  • Coverage to 2005
  • Access to Repair-Trac (all years available)
  • Access to Fast Fixes (all years available)
  • Vehicle Information (critical specifications & parameters for many systems)
  • Torque Specifications
  • Oil Light Reset Procedures
The new OBD II Smart Cable has the combined power of over
50 System Smart Inserts!
  • Eliminates the need for many current and future System Smart Inserts.
  • Provides improved test capability and accuracy, resulting in faster diagnosis for higher technician productivity.

Definition: System Smart Inserts (SSI’s) are used to “mux” or route connector data lines as
necessary to facilitate OEM enhanced communication and can sometimes contain electronics. SSI’s provide access to this OEM enhanced information in place of additional cables. What was once the best low cost solution is now re-invented with the Genisys OBD II Smart Cable. OBD II Smart Cable is designed to work with any of the following applications: USA 2006 Domestic, USA 2006 Asian, USA 2005 European, and Heavy-Duty Standard software.

Genisys OBD II Smart Cable
  • Current OBD II SSI cable goes away.
  • Over 50 SSI’s go away!
  • No new SSI’s in the various Genisys Kits – many were planned!
  • Sophisticated electronic circuitry in the new OBD II
  • Smart Cable replaces current and future line switching System Smart Inserts
Bottom Line Benefits:
  • Improved technician satisfaction
  • Improved test capability
  • Faster diagnosis, more convenient
  • Higher technician productivity