Pegisys Refurbished w/2012 Software and 1 Year Warranty

OTC-3825JR12 is Discontinued

Code: OTC-3825JR12

Product Details

The Fastest and Broadest Coverage in Scanning Technology for your Money! One-Year Warranty

A Custom PC Built for the Shop Environment

Shop-tough, the Pegisys tool is a Pentium-Based PC engineered inside and
out to work the way a Technician needs it.

  • Made of super-resilient ABS plastic—like that found in football helmets and car
    bumper extensions.
  • Resilient rubber is molded in for maximum protection on corners and edges. Even
    the hard drive is mounted in a shock resistant rubber gasket to protect it for a rough
    service environment (Patent Pending).

SpeedScroll Control
Rotational controls allow you to quickly and efficiently scroll through menus from the left side and independently manipulate data from the right side. Scroll through long data lists fast – even when using gloves.

Touch Screen
The screen itself is also a navigation method. The touch screen and the unique graphic
user interface allow you to use your finger, or the included stylus, to navigate through
menus and other diagnostic functions. It's that simple.

Diagnose and Repair Faster than Ever Before!

You make money At the Fender. And staying there to get relevant timely diagnostics
keeps you productive. Meet Pegisys—the most advanced hand-held aftermarket
diagnostic tool available—

  • Exclusive AirBridge Wireless Technology keeps you untethered from the vehicle
    (even when it’s up on the lift)
  • At the Fender Internet access to real time web-based OTC Direct-Hit Technician
    diagnostic information. (NOTE: Requires the shop to have broad band internet
    service / no satellite internet. )

Talk about coverage and features!
Pegisys provides over 28 years of vehicle coverage for 44 different vehicle makes from
over 25 different manufacturers. Features including:

  • Built-in 2-channel High-Speed Scope
  • Scan (Pathfinder) Diagnostic Info on-tool
  • Scope (InfoTech) Diagnostic Info on-tool
  • Repair-Trac Tech Tips, by Identifix
  • Automated System Test
  • All System DTC Scan, and so much more.

J2534 Reprogramming Capability
Pegisys Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI)hardware is J2534-1 and J2534-2

No PC Required – for 24/7 Subscription Updates!
Pegisys provides subscription updates 24/7 for direct downloading to the tool. No PC required! No more waiting for the latest vehicle coverage or features to be released once or twice a year or more. Now when a new vehicle coverage package is complete it is made available for download. Timely new vehicle coverage and information you need to fix the car right the first time. Valuable new features, diagnostic information, and software improvements are also made available when complete.

First 6 months are Provided Free!
Pegisys Domestic and Asian vehicle coverage subscription begins when the tool
is registered and the first 6 months are Provided Free! You no longer need to worry about missing the next update because it came out right after you bought the tool. Beginning with your first download the software is fresh and the latest available. At the end of the subscription period a renewal kit is available from your OTC distributor. While most will see the tremendous value in having the latest vehicle coverage and diagnostic information, some may chose to not renew once their subscription ends. No problem, keep working with the software coverage you have at the time the subscription ends!
Pegisys does not shutdown when the subscription ends like some competitive tools.

Productivity Bundle Subscription
The value doesn’t end with 24/7 updates! Pegisys Productivity Bundle subscription
package combines four software applications previously sold separately – Domestic, Asian, ABS/Airbag, and InfoTech. Included in the bundle are improved versions of the Quick DTC Scan and Automated System. Whether you want to automatically scan the vehicle’s many systems for DTC’s or run a complete Health Check, Pegisys delivers with a push of a button.

AirBridge Untethered Diagnostics
Pegisys AirBridge Wireless Technology features high speed WiFi 802.11b/g mini
cards, allowing the Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI) to link wirelessly to Pegisys.

  • Inspect the vehicle’s hard-to-reach computer-controlled components without
    being tethered to a conventional scan tool cable.
  • Access the internet At the Fender!
High Speed Scope
Featuring the latest PC technology combined with OTC’s 25-year experience in scan
technology and integrated 40 MSPS high speed scope make this the most advanced
diagnostic system in the industry.

Pegisys Diagnostic System Kit Contents
  • Cable Case top & bottom halves split for easy placement into most tool boxes
  • OEM adapters are identified by color, part number, and description for easy
    identification and storage.
  • Provide storage for the optional Heavy Duty cables, Extension cable, and more
  • Rugged blow-molded construction for durability.
3825J Diagnostic System
  • USA Domestic / Asian Vehicle Subscription (12 Months)
  • Diagnostic Information
    • Scan Diagnostic Information (Pathfinder)
    • Scope Diagnostic Information (InfoTech)
    • Repair-Trac
  • Includes the Direct-Hit Technician 90 day Test Drive subscription (3825-45).
  • Includes J2534 Reprogramming 3825-08 kit (Requires vehicle calibrations to be purchased from the OEM for J2534 reprogramming).
Vehicle Cable Set
  • OBD II Cable
  • USA Domestic OEM OBD I Cables
  • USA Asian OEM OBD I Cables
  • USB Cable
  • Scope Accessory Kit
Included Accessories
  • Pegisys Carrying Case
  • OEM OBD I Cable Carrying Case
  • AirBridge Wireless Kit
  • 100 – 240 Volt Power Supply
  • Scope Accessory Kit
  • On-site Training Certificate
Q: What is the biggest advantage of the Pegisys over the Genisys?
A: The Pegisys and Genisys are two completely different platforms – below are Pegisys exclusive features not available in Genisys.
  • Flash Reprogramming (J2534-1 and J2534-2 Device)
  • Wireless to car communication
  • Subscription based software
  • Vehicle coverage subscriptions include all on-tool repair information (not sold separately)
  • Direct-Hit Technician Powered by Identifix
  • Direct to Internet connection – no PC required
  • On-site training included
  • All OEM adapters included for coverage supplied
  • Large touch screen
  • High Speed 2-Channel Scope included
  • Available as a Windows based PC Tool
  • Fast access User Interface, one click away from your next menu choice and the Main Menu always available, you’re never lost…
  • PC Based ruggedized platform
  • Optional Hot Swap Battery kit provides the ability to work all day in wireless mode.
  • And more….
SPX now offers the complete solution for wireless connectivity in your shop.Explore the
potential of wireless diagnostics and maximize productivity with your Diagnostic System.
Pegisys Satisfaction Guarantee
SPX has teamed with a major retailer to provide wireless hardware and installation for a
flat-fee. This service includes the wireless router, on-site installation including firewall
and assistance in configuring your diagnostic Handset/ VCI to the wireless network,
establishing a secure, reliable system. Services are provided by a Best Buy Business
Solutions Team in your area.
Pegisys Satisfaction Guarantee
  • $349.99 includes the wireless router and installation on-site by Best Buy Business
    Solutions Team member.
    • $349.99 for standard installation (up to 25 miles within a Best Buy precinct)
    • Additional charges apply for mileage between 26 and 125 miles
    • Additional charges apply for non-standard installation (extra cabling, etc.)
  • Turn-key installation; simply call SPX to verify charges and, Best Buy does the rest.
  • Safe, secure firewall encryption protected.
  • Broad coverage; over 700 Best Buy locations throughout the US.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, The Best Buy Team will
    resolve the problem quickly.
  • Easy appointment scheduling; if you schedule installation at 1 pm, that's what time the
    installer will be there.
Pegisys Satisfaction Guarantee
Pegisys Satisfaction Guarantee