70 AMP Power Supply/Battery Charger

70 AMP Power Supply/Battery Charger

Code: OTC-700A

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Product Details

70 AMP Power Supply/Battery Charger

No. OTC-700A

70 AMP Power Supply/Battery Charger

For Flash Reprogramming/ Attaches to Vehicle Shop Lifts 

Eliminates the Need for Multiple Single Application Units. A power supply for Flash Reprogramming is a device that connects to the vehicle's battery and outputs a designated supply of clean DC power. The OTC Power Supply/ Battery Charger will allow the shop to power the widest variety of vehicles during Flash Reprogramming.

Power Supply Features:

  • Constant voltage output selectable from 13.0 to 14.8V DC
  • Output current up to 70 amps
  • Clean power for flash reprogramming
  • Provides power to vehicles on display

Battery Charger  Features:

  • Fully automatic operation for 12V batteries
  • Works with regular automotive, deep-cycle, AGM, and gel cell battery types
  • Variable charge rates 4/20/70 amps
  • Digital volts and amps display
  • Manual mode with digital timer


  • Auto Select Dual Voltage Input Range – 110-120/220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Microprocessor controlled operation
  • Extra-long 9ft. power line cord with 20A plug
  • Extended reach heavy gauge 9ft. output cables
  • Heavy duty clamps with replaceable jaws
  • Large carrying handle for portable use or can be permanently mounted to a shop vehicle lift
  • Adjustable mounting brackets for easy installation on most size shop vehicle lifts
  • Dual temperature controlled cooling fans
  • Durable anodized aluminum case
  • Constant voltage supply for flash reprogramming
  • UL/CUL approved