Gasoline Quality Testing Kit

OTC-7670 is Discontinued

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Gasoline Quality Testing Kit

No. OTC-7670

OTC Gasoline Quality Testing Kit

Gasoline Quality Testing Kit

Inconsistent fuel quality is more of a problem now than ever before, and can
cause many hard-to-diagnose driveability problems. This unique kit helps you
reduce troubleshooting time by verifying if fuel quality is affecting
performance,thereby ruling out other causes.

Fuel quality is especially critical on today’s sophisticated, computer-controlled
engines. This kit applies to all gasoline engines, from small engines to heavyduty.
It permits checking for water in the fuel tank without tank removal.

Fuel volatility may also be tested by measuring its vapor pressure. You can also
test for alcohol in the fuel, and the percentage present.

  • Same as Kent-Moore No. J39383-A



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