Bone Rough Rider Creeper

Bone Rough Rider Creeper

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BONE Creeper 7031 Bone Rough Rider Creeper The only creepers that really work!

No other creeper in the world looks like the Bone, and no other creeper in the world works like the Bone™! Bone creepers aren’t a re-work or copy of ordinary creepers, they’ve been designed from scratch by a real world auto enthusiast to be the best creepers you’ll ever own!

The “Go Anywhere Creeper” that has all of the features of the Bone plus extrabig wheels and extra ground clearance (2-5/8-inch;) for use indoors our out, on rough or broken pavement, gravel, grass, even sand! Picked by the pros for working on trucks, buses, farm equipment, RVs, SUVs and heavy equipment wherever they need attention. Limited lifetime warranty on the wheels.

The original Bone creeper, first choice of professional auto techs for more than 10 years! Big 5 1/8-inchdiameter wheels with 1-inch wide tires glide over rough floors, cords and hoses, floor drains and grates, even shop clutter like fasteners and small tools. Rolls easily just 1-1/4-inch above the floor, giving you more room to work.

Patented design cradles you comfortable between the wheels, can’t tip or flip. Durable, easy-clean surface. Limited lifetime warranty on wheels!

  • The Shape… The Bone’s body is ergonomically designed for your body! To hold it comfortably, closer to the ground than any other creeper, cradling you safely between the wheels while you work, so it won’t tip or flip. Fully enclosed wheel pods and a smooth, seamless work platform mean no painful pinch points to catch your clothing, your hair or your hide!
  • The Wheels… Bone creepers have the biggest and best wheels in the business, designed and built specifically for our creepers. Big wheels because that’s what it takes to roll over rough floors, drain grates and shop clutter. Soft tires becausethey roll better, last longer and are easier and more comfortable for the user. Extra strong wheel frames with permanently lubricated bearings because you should never, ever have to buy a replacement creeper wheel, and every wheel is guaranteed for the life of the creeper!
  • The Materials… Specially formulated, injection molded engineering polymers (not kitchen-grade HDPE!) that are tough and durable, designed to perform and last in the workplace. Smooth, comfortable, easy to clean and strong as the dickens! Different than any other creeper, better than any other creeper!

  • Casters
    • Rolls over drop light cords, cracks, grates, etc.
    • 5-1/4” diameter 1-5/16-inchwide casters
    • Custom wheels with soft, grippy and treaded TPE tires
    • 250 lb. rating per wheel
    • 2-5/8-inchground clearance
    • 4-5/16-inchbolts fasten through a plate - won’t break
    • Outboard wheels won’t tip or flip
  • Body
    • High strength polypropylene copolymer
    • Extremely comfortable
    • 400 lb. capacity
    • Impervious to most solvents
    • Dirt wipes right off!
  • Specifications
    • Weight - 25 lbs.
    • Dimensions 47-inchLong x 25-1/2-inch Wide x 7-3/8-inchHigh (Assembled)
    • Warranty - lifetime on the wheels, 1 year on the body, excludes being hit or run over
The Bone Rough Rider™ is named because it’s designed to go where no other creeper has gone before…outdoors and off the pavement! But happy mechanics, farmers, truckers, RV’ers, off-road and auto enthusiast who been forced to get out and get under in less-than ideal situations just call it the “easy roller.”

The secret of the Rough Rider’s unmatched mobility on rough terrain lies in the unique shape of the one-piece molded body, which allows large, specially designed 5 3/8-inchdiameter wheels and still cradles the user closer to the ground than many conventional creepers. The extra wide, high flotation treaded tires don’t sink into many soft surfaces and the large diameter wheels roll easily on gravel, dirt, or broken pavement-where ordinary creepers get stuck dead in their tracks. Each wheel has a heavy-gauge steel frame with 2-1/2-inch roller swivel bearings for strength where it counts…they’re warranted for the life of the creeper!

The ribbed body is molded of a state-of-the art engineering grade co-polymer to resist the effects of common solvents and provide support for heavier users, and cleaning is as easy as a casual wipe at the end of the job. The smooth, comfortable one-piece design has no cracks, corners or other pinch points, and the outboard wheel pods prevent tipping and flipping.

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